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At Titanium Tarps, our goal is to replace traditional methods used to secure damaged or leaking roofs, such as blue tarps, boat films, and peel & stick products, with our superior alternative – the Titanium line of films.

Designed specifically to secure properties, this innovative film stands out in technology and performance. Unlike traditional shrink films, our product is crafted from advanced materials, eliminates the need for heat during installation, and offers an appealing finish without inflicting additional damage to the roof. When installed, our product serves as a fully functional, leak-free temporary roofing solution until the permanent materials arrive.

Our film also boasts the convenience of easy inspection and reinstallation. As the inventors and manufacturers of this product, we market it to authorized distributors of professional roofing products and certified installers. For property owners across the United States, we provide connections to our network of Certified Installers who have been thoroughly trained and accredited by us.

Choosing Titanium Tarps means investing in more than just a product. You're investing in reliable protection, peace of mind, and a commitment to innovative solutions that set us apart.

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The Titanium Difference

Our ground-breaking layered roofing film, enhanced with a unique blend of additives, offers industry-leading performance. Leveraging its elasticity, our film is stretched to attach and consistently returns to its original size, thus maintaining a firm and secure fit over your roof. With exceptional tear-resistance, it provides unparalleled protection for properties of all kinds under any circumstances. Furthermore, our patented clamps allow for damage-free installation, ensuring your property remains unharmed during the process. With 24 months of UV protection, Titanium Tarps offers the most effective protection against roof leaks until permanent roof materials can be ordered and installed.

Simplified Inspection and Maintenance

With Titanium Tarps, we make inspections and repairs straightforward and hassle-free. Our roofing film is designed for ease of access, enabling quick and efficient examinations of your roof without violating the warranty. If there's ever a need for your insurance carrier, engineer, or roofing contractor to inspect beneath the Titanium Tarp, the installer can easily unclamp the attachments and securely reattach them post-inspection. Thus, you can stay assured of a seamless, trouble-free inspection process.

Insurance Carrier Collaboration

Insurance companies aiming to adopt our solution into their managed repair programs can notably curtail mitigation expenses caused by repeated interior damage from unsuccessful blue tarps. We can either align you with certified installers in your operational regions, or provide complimentary training and certification to contractors you're already engaged with. This paves the way for implementing our cost-effective solution - a significant upgrade over traditional blue tarps. To learn more about our Preferred Vendor Program and potential savings, please complete the form below or reach out to us at info@titarps.com.

Partnership Opportunities for Roofing Supply Distributors

At Titanium Tarps, we are inviting a limited number of roofing supply distributors to join us in delivering cutting-edge solutions to contractors and property owners. By becoming an authorized distributor of our innovative roofing film, you gain access to a game-changing product that outperforms traditional alternatives.

y partnering with Titanium Tarps, you can expand your product portfolio and cater to the increasing demand for superior temporary roofing solutions. We provide comprehensive support, including training, marketing materials, and dedicated account management.

Join us in revolutionizing the roofing industry. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and offer the Titanium Tarps advantage to your customers.

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In addition to tying into all existing vents, our film products come with additional vents specifically manufactured for roofs. This ensures that the roof functions as it was originally engineered to.

To facilitate inspections, the film is simply cut back, allowing inspectors to see the roof surface. Once the inspection is complete, the same membrane is carefully welded back into place.

Not at all. Our innovative film technology and the associated installation methods have been specially developed to secure damaged roofing systems without the need for heat application. When properly installed, the film conforms tightly above the roof surface, providing a safer and more efficient solution than traditional boat wrap methods. Moreover, this film exhibits exceptional tear resistance and enhanced stretch capabilities, delivering a simple, yet highly effective solution for your temporary roofing needs.

Titanium Tarps’  1-year warranty covers  materials for installations when sold by authorized distributors. .1 year warranties on Labor and Materials are offered when installed by Certified Titanium Tarp Contractors

No, the material used in Titanium Tarps is uniquely engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hot temperatures and direct sunlight. Our superior, layered construction allows the tarp to remain taut after being stretched, ensuring its performance and durability even in harsh elements

The process began during our research and development phase for creating stronger shrink films. Initially, we encountered limitations due to the inherent properties of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDP). However, after learning from various contractors about the restrictions on using an open flame on roofs in certain markets, we decided to shift our focus. The result was the creation of a superior layered film that eliminated the need for LDP and heat during installation. By prioritizing efficiency and safety, we developed a product that offers superior protection and is easier to install correctly.

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